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St. Michael's Church,

Flushing Hill NY


St. Michael's Church was built during the mid twentieth century, 1961 in Flushing Queens, NY. The original parish was founded in1833. The design is derived from Art Deco style as seen in the triangular motif of the magnificent copper steeple.

The building is approximately 75 years old and it is time for a roof repair and repairs to the copper cladding and the windows of the steeple.

The original roof was covered with clay "Dutch book" tiles. The original tiles will be removed, conserved and re-applied over new waterproofing membrane, plywood and insulation.

The stained glass windows of the steeple are protected by faded plexiglass that will be replaced with clear tempered glass.

The copper fascia at the horizontal band of windows below the roof will be repaired as well.

The original roof lasted for sixty years. Once the roof repairs are complete St. Michael's will again provide a spiritual space where parishioners may gather and worship.