Zaskorski & Associates, Architects, A.I.A., PC

247 West 35th Street, 16th fl., New York, NY 10001

Ronald McDonald House, New York

The Ronald McDonald House (RMH) on East 73rd Street in Manhattan, provides support services for children with cancer and their families that come to New York from as far as China to seek treatment of their children’s illness at the premier cancer care hospitals such as Sloan Kettering, Rockefeller, and Columbia Presbyterian.

Z&A designed the extension of this 70,000 sq. ft. by 7,000 sq. ft to create 11 new residential suites for families to live in while children are being treated. the entire lobby was redesigned in order to create a space that feels welcoming while communicating a feeling of warmth, care, and hope.  The building system was 25 years old, therefore modernization and coordination of HVAC is underway. existing windows have been replaced with a brick to brick casement window.

Photography by Robert Granoff