Zaskorski & Associates, Architects, A.I.A., PC

247 West 35th Street, 16th fl., New York, NY 10001

247 West 35th Street, NY

Facade inspection & repairs


At this 16 story art deco Garment Center office and light manufacturing building, Z&A prepared a program of repairs to address the mandated Cycle 8 FISP repairs and to develop a 20 year scoping document that would address all parapets, roofs, and exterior features throughout the building, at an estimated cost of 4 million dollars. Following the FISP repairs, a series of worsening leaks throughout the building forced the schedule to accelerated to perform the 20 year repair program in 2 years. Z&A performed Construction Administration (CA) services all throughout this time period, working with the GC to ensure that the repairs performed were high quality and would provide long-lasting, rebuilt or replaced parapets, lintels, sills, terra cotta, and roofs that would best service the clients’ interests by providing a low maintenance exterior. Of especial interest is that all of the historic art deco architectural elements were rebuilt faithfully, with the exception of the 10th and 12th parapets that had large cracked terra cotta stones removed and the parapets rebuilt in brick art deco style to match other parapets at the building, thus providing a cost-effective and safer building to the client. The total exterior repair cost came in at just over 4 million dollars, right in line with the initial 20-year repair scoping document prepared nearly 3 years prior.